Call for nominations ESTD 2021 Board elections

25 februari 2021

Dear ESTD Member,


the ESTD will hold an election for two board seats this year for the term April 2021-2024.

We seek two candidates who will uphold the organization’s mission of promoting knowledge and skills about trauma and dissociation among European clinicians and the public at-large. Internet- website skills are welcome.

Only full members in good standing are eligible to run for elections.


If you know someone who you think we should invite to stand for elections or if you are interested, please send us a statement describing why he/she/you would serve well on the ESTD board, and include professional and organizational leadership background (see below).

Please limit the statement to no more than 300 words. This information MUST BE RECEIVED BY March 9 2021 and sent 


To Be Filled By Nominators or Nominees

  1. Name:
  2. Profession:
  3. Academic Degree:
  4. Professional Affiliation:
  5. Statement:


Board Duties

  • Board members must also agree to chair a committee that oversees a program or service offered by ESTD, and be available for email discussions, board voting, conference calls and annual face-to-face/ online board meetings.
  • Share the financial responsibilities of the ESTD and take part in monitoring the budget..
  • Board members are expected to put in at least 10 hours of volunteer work for ESTD each month.
  • They attend ESTD’s annual meetings; play an active role in helping the conference committee in ways such as securing keynote speakers and panelists, judging submissions, recruiting attendees, providing information to attendees.
  • The term of office is from April 2021- 2024.


Board member benefits

  • Members of the ESTD leadership will be enjoying the warm sense of colleagueship that has always characterized its conduct.
  • Board members enjoy the opportunity to forge the future development of the ESTD and field of trauma and dissociation in Europe.
  • To facilitate their attendance in our daylong yearly face-to-face meeting and as a token of appreciation for their volunteer work, board members enjoy subsidized conference registration fees, travel and lodging expenses, budget permitting.

Election Timeline

  • March 09 2021 Last day to receive nominations
  • March 15 2021 Candidates announced and proxy voting opens
  • April 02 2021 Last day of voting
  • April 15 2021 Results announced


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