Perpetrator Introjects by Dr Ralf Vogt

08 december 2012

Dr. Ralf Vogt, the director of the Trauma Institure Leipzig, in Germany, edited a book on the issue of perpetrator introjects and published an English edition of it this year.
The book can be ordered via the German amazon:

Ralf Vogt has been a founding member of the ESTD himself and is currently on the Board of Directors of the ISSTD, he has published various books and articles.
Together with his wife, he has developed an integrative treatment model for complexly traumatized and dissociative patients.

You can find more information here:

Also, as you can see under the second link, a biannual conferences is being organised in June 2013 on the issue of slander and betrayal.
There is a special offer for this conference, the first 20 non-German colleagues will receive a 50% discount and students can apply for an admission grant.
All speakers will be translated from German into English and vice versa.

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