Conference presentations and video interviews - Berlin 2012

18 april 2012
Video interviews
1. Andrew Moskowitz
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Andrew Moskowitz is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Aarhus University in Denmark, and director of the ADiTS research unit (Attachment, Dissociation and Traumatic Stress). Andrew is an American-trained clinical psychologist who worked with prison and trauma populations in the United States, including at Bessel van der Kolk’s trauma clinic in Boston, before taking academic positions in New Zealand and Scotland. In his current position, he supervises Danish and international students in research on various aspects of trauma, dissociation and attachment, and is conducting research on links between dissociation and psychotic symptoms. Andrew is the lead editor of the 2008 book Psychosis, trauma and dissociation: Emerging perspectives on severe psychopathology, which received the Pierre Janet writing award by ISSTD in 2010. He has been active in ESTD for years, including chairing the programme committee for the 2010 ESTD conference in Belfast.

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A new video interview with Andrew Moskowitz is now available on the Members only SectionSpeaker: Andrew Moskowitz, PhD

Andrew Moskowitz is here talking about his background, and focuses on the differentiation between psychosis and dissociation, especially regarding hearing voices.

The interview was done on March 29th, 2012, and the interviewer is Clinical Psychologist and former ESTD board member Arne Blindheim.

2. Remy Aquarone

A new video presentation with Remy Aquarone is now available on the Members Only Section. 

Other video presentations from the ESTD conference in Berlin will come soon on the Members only Section. 

Conference presentations
  • Conference: European Society for Trauma and Dissociation Berlin, March , 2012
  • Speaker: Dr Ralf Vogt
  • Title: Child Abuse and Neglect: Attachment and development
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