ESTD on Twitter

27 februari 2012

As you may have noticed, there is now a Twitter button on the website. This means that ESTD is now sending out information using Twitter. Twitter is essentially a social networking service that allows people to send short messages (known as Tweets) to grow a community that is interested in the same things.

At ESTD, we aim to keep our members and website visitors up-to-date with the latest information on research, training and conferences, as well as getting to know you and what you are doing. If you have events that interest you, or have something on the topic of trauma and dissociation that you would like to share, send it to us at the Twitter name @ESTDeurope and we can share it quickly with our followers (retweeting!).

We hope to be posting tweets about the upcoming conference in Berlin, so join up with us and take part. Using this form of networking enables people to connect with each other using smartphones, ipads, laptops etc, without taking up space in your e-mail inbox. If you would like a starter guide to what Twitter is and how it can be used, visit

By following @ESTDeurope you are instantly connected to the news that all our followers share and can begin building up your own followers (and who you follow). Our followers so far include some of the board members of ESTD, clinicians and researchers from around the world and advocates / bloggers for good mental health.

We would love to have more European followers, and can translate simple messages in different languages when retweeting. Please get involved and start telling us what is happening in your area / country. Happy tweeting!

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