ESTD Education Committee

09 februari 2012
Education Committee

Mission Statement: The Education Committee promotes the development of professional knowledge in the field of trauma and dissociation, especially diagnosing and the treatment of trauma-related disorders.

Committee structure: chair Maria Paola Boldrini, Suzana Guedes (and 2 or 3 volunteers who will be recruited from mentors or board members based on the activities and / or projects to be developed ).

Tasks of the Educational Committee:

● Maintaining collaboration with ESTD Country Representatives in planning and promoting educational events for professionals.

● Co-ordinating international collaboration with ESTD mentors and supporting them in providing international education in trauma and dissociation fields.

● Updating and publishing the list of mentors on the website, and proceeding applications from clinicians and academics who apply to be ESTD mentors.

● Verifying and updating educational resources (videos, presentations, interviews etc.) and making them available to members or the general public. Supporting the translation/subtitling of educational materials into different languages.


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