ESTD for non-english speakers

06 januari 2010

The ESTD leadership has always realized that language barriers might deter some of our colleagues from participating  in ESTD activities conducted  in English. To address this  issue, we are now attempting to develop a model  Spanish  language  Dissociative Disorders Psychotherapy Training (DDPTP) course.

Spanish ESTD members Olaf Holm and Anabel Gonzalez Vazquez are working with Argentinian  and  ISSTD members to build an online DDPTP program in the Spanish language.

We hope that this effort will bolster the motivation of Spanish traumatologists to  make the ESTD their professional home. We also plan to reach out to Francophone and Italian colleagues. 

A stronger representation from these countries will, hopefully, encourage further development of the various services we need to offer to the multilingual community that we serve. 

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