Formulating from a Structural Dissociation of the Personality Perspective: A Research Study Seeking Clinician Participants.

22 Agosto 2019

Dear Clinician,
Until September 3rd, we are welcoming participants to share their perspectives on their particular use of any dissociation-based parts approach/formulation that postulates some kind of structural dissociation of parts/personality, when working with your client(s) - like when you handle two or more parts of your same client quite differently.  We would very much appreciated if you would consider taking 20/30 minutes of your time to answer 3 questions. We believe the theme merits more exposure.

Participants have been sharing: 
“Answering the questions was easy with helpful prompts. 3 questions is just enough!”
“It is more challenging to respond to qualitative questions than quantitative.”
“Pleased to see the questions were aimed at depth. My answers were brief”
“I enjoyed answering the questions more than I expected to.”
“Unexpectedly demanding.”


Follow this link to the Survey:   Take the Survey > 

 You can also use this other link to pass to other colleagues:

Thank you in advance!!

If you have any questions, you can contact the student investigator:
Sara Neves, M.A.,
You may also contact the supervisor of the research:
Nuno Conceição, Ph.D., at:
Complementarity Lab
Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon
Alameda da Universidade
1649-013 Lisbon, Portugal

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