ESTD Newsletter Committee

Newsletter Committee

Committee composition: Orit Badouk-Epstein, Dolores Mosquera, Onno van der Hart (co-editors), Winja Buss, Renée P. Marks, Antonio Onofri, Jenny Ann Rydberg, Valerie Sinason.

Mission: Following ESTD's mission statement, the ESTD newsletter constitutes a significant means to meet the organisation's aims of increasing information, providing knowledge and education, and supporting communication among professionals.

 Specific objectives:

  • Increase and disseminate knowledge about research and clinical practice in the fields of trauma and dissociation.
  • Provide information on related activities in all ESTD member countries and beyond.
  • Elicit contributions from a wide range of potential authors, both those who are experienced and those who are new to writing.
  • Provide information on relevant books and films through reviews.
  • Summarise recent research that is relevant to trauma and dissociation.
  • Describe upcoming conferences, workshops, and trainings.

Function statements:

  1.  Invite contributions.
  2.  Select and edit articles.
  3. Identify and organise relevant information.
  4. Liaise with the graphic designer Frank Myklestad.