ESTD separates from ISSTD from 2011

06 Januar 2010

From the onset the ESTD has been established as a component society of the ISSTD. From each ESTD membership fee we have been transferring 55$ to our “mother” organization as your ISSTD membership fees. This 55$ should be compared to the 180$ other members have been paying.

The ISSTD is recovering from a serious financial crisis during which they had concluded that they can no longer afford to subsidize ESTD memberships at the reduced costs offered to us until now.

The ISSTD and the ESTD Boards have decided the following membership rates for ESTD members for the interim period of 2010:

  • Full members with electronic journal $65.00
  • Students with electronic journal $25.00
  • ESTD members from designated Nations $ 5.00

Hard copy of journal - At discounted rate for affiliate societies (currently set at $72).

This deal will not include the Israeli members who have joined en block through their national organization at a reduced rate. Israeli members of the ESTD will be receiving information from their national organization on their options.

Representatives from the boards of the ISSTD and the ESTD have met in Washington in November to discuss the relationship between our organizations beyond 2010. During that meeting it was concluded that the two organizations will, in all likelihood, separate administratively as of January 1, 2011. The two boards also agreed to meet again a day before the Belfast meeting to continue our talks on future cooperation between the two professional societies.

This means also that ESTD membership will from January 1, 2011 be less expensive than it is today. ISSTD will be offering special membership discounts to those ESTD members who will wish to join the ISSTD.  

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