19 May 2022 free webinar at 7 pm: Assessment of Dissociative Children and Adolescents

23 Únor 2022

Many children and adolescents in health care systems suffer from consequences of trauma, including dissociative conditions. The origin and dissociate nature of their problems often remain unrecognized for years, and the young patient does not get appropiate help.

Therefore, the ESTD board and scientific committee is most delighted to invite you to this important FREE ONLINE WEBINAR with Dr Renée P Marks.  

The vast majority, of child therapists have already met or worked with dissociative children and adolescents. It is highly likely that none of us had the privilege to receive the expert training on this topic during our core training as therapists. Therefore, we all start out identifying ‘unusual’ behaviours, ‘fantastical thinking’, ‘imaginary friends’, ‘staring’ and ‘shutting down’ in children. Most of us also know the realisation that progress with some children and adolescents is exceptionally slow or we experience feeling ‘stuck’, working with them. Their rapid changes in the therapy room, shifting from one topic to the other, control, lack of insight, ‘cannot remember’ and apparent inability to change can cause us to doubt our own ability as therapist or make us feel helpless in the presence of these children.

This training will provide an introduction on how to assess the dissociative child and adolescent with reference to various resources. The training will also provide insight in the presentation of dissociative children and adolescents which needs to be taken in consideration during assessments.  The core areas of this training will be illustrated with practical examples to make this training enjoyable and insightful.


We are excited to invite clinicians and researchers to this free educational webinar.

May 19th 2022 (GMT+1, Brussels / Berlin / Warsaw / Madrid time), at 7.00-8.30 p.m.



The recording of this webinar will be available later as video-on-demand only for ESTD members.




Renée Potgieter Marks works in the north of England at Integrate, as a therapist and clinical lead.  She specialises in children and adolescents with attachment difficulties, complex trauma and dissociation who display significant emotional, social and behavioural problems and/or are struggling with mental health problems.
Renée is also a national and international trainer as well as the founder of BICTD, providing online training for therapists on Assessment and Treatment of Children with Complex Trauma and Dissociation.  She is chair of the Child and Adolescent Committee of the ESTD and was involved in developing the Guidelines for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with dissociative symptoms and dissociative disorders.



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