ESTD Newsletter Volume 10 Number 2, August 2020

12 Srpen 2020

The latest issue of the ESTD Newsletter is here! Discover the table of contents and get access to the latest news regarding the subject of trauma and dissociation.

Table Of Contents In This Issue:

  • Quarterly Quote »
  • Letter From The President »
  • Culturally Sensitive Trauma Treatment In The Orthodox Jewish Community In Israel »  
  • No One Is On My Side: A Clinical Example Of The Role Of Abuse In Eating Disorders »
  • The Challenge »
  • Covid 19 Addressing The Wellbeing Of Residents Living In An Apartment Block In The Uk »
  • Impact Of Physical Exercise On Ptsd: A Review »
  • Book Reviews »
  • Hot Off The Press »
  • Dates For Your Diary »
  • ESTD Contacts In Your Region »