Recorded introductory webinar on the concepts of trauma, dissociation and attachment

24 August 2020

ESTD is pleased to announce a series of videos and webinars on important topics related to clinical work or research in trauma and dissociation. These videos will all be available to ESTD members, and some also to the general public. Most will be free but there may be a small fee for some of them. The first webinar to be posted is from Andrew Moskowitz, and was presented in December 2019 to Division 56 (Trauma Psychology) of the American Psychological Association, with the agreement that it would then be made available to ESTD members. It is free to view.

This introductory webinar is entitled Trauma, Dissociation and Attachment: An Analysis of Key Concepts and their Relationships. The purpose of this webinar is to explore the meaning and usefulness of the concepts trauma and dissociation, trace shifts in their meanings and usage from the 19th century to today, and propose some guidelines as to how best to understand them. The concept of attachment is also discussed, with particular reference to the relation of disorganized attachment to dissociation.

Andrew Moskowitz, Ph.D., former President of ESTD, is Professor of Psychology at Touro College Berlin, and first editor of the book Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation (Wiley, 2019). He can be reached at

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