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Confer ( is an independent UK based organisation established by psychotherapists in 1998 to provide innovative, challenging and inspiring continuing educational events for psychotherapists, psychologists and other mental health workers. Through our seminars, conferences and online modules we present the cutting edge of research and theory in order to deepen our understanding of the mind and best practice in mental health disciplines. 

The Nature of Trauma and Dissociation - Online Module
  • This online resource provides a unique package of lectures and presentations by the speakers below supported by notes, captions and diagrams
  • This content is available 24/7 for 1 year per subscription
  • All the materials have been commissioned by Confer and cannot be obtained elsewhere
  • Our own analysis of the subject is offered in the form of summaries covering history, epidemiology, aetiology, neuropsychology, diagnosis and treatment approaches
  • The literature has been studied in order to offer you links to reliably researched texts, papers and books
  • A networking discussion forum is included
  • Certificates of attendance are available on completion of a 36 point multiple-choice questionnaire
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Module Speakers

Dr Philip Bromberg, Dr Doris Brothers, Dr Onno Van Der Hart, Professor Brett Kahr, Dr Jean Knox, Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga, Dr Pat Ogden, Alexandra Richman, Dr Allan Schore, Dr Daniel Siegel, Dr Valerie Sinason, Dr Donnel Stern, Rémy Aquarone and Dr Felicity de Zulueta.


Working successfully with patients suffering from trauma and dissociation is a rapidly expanding, multi-discipline, clinical skill that involves specific training. This module takes us through the key concepts in working with people who have experienced trauma, covering aetiology, diagnosis and contemporary treatment approaches. The talks are designed to explain psychotherapeutic expertise that is understood to be the most effective, covering systemic, neurobiological, cognitive, psychiatric and psychoanalytic perspectives. The module covers treatments approaches for all degrees of trauma, from working with complex, childhood attachment ruptures to a traumatic incident in an otherwise resilient adult.

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