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Childhood Trauma, (Sexual) Abuse Therapy Issues General
Trauma, Traumatic Memories, Amnesia     sub: Treatment Guidelines
Traumatic Stress caused by Disease     sub: Screening Tools, Questionnaires
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder     sub: Psychotherapy in cyberspace
Dissociative Disorders and Phenomena     sub: Effects psychotherapy, psychoanalysis
Borderline Personality Disorder     sub: Arttherapy, Art, Cinema
Somatization, Alexithymia, Factious Disorders War Zone Trauma, Refugees, Disasters
Memory Research Child - (Prostitution), Sex Slaves, Child Labour
Attachment, Neglect Orphans & Abandoned Children, Streetchildren
Neuroscience, Neurobiology Torture, Genital Mutilation, Rape
Cognitive Science, Evolution, Philosophy Child abuse in sects or cults
Social Issues, Law, Ethics Pedophile Issues, Offenders, Child Molesters
Other Cultures & Dissociative Phenomena FMSF- false, recovered memorie issues
History Domestic violence, Suppression, Honor Killings
Medicine Trauma - Emergency Workers, Caregivers
Trauma Prevention and Crisis Management  
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Top Dissociative Disorders Study
Ellert Nijenhuis
Onno van der Hart
David Baldwins Trauma Pages
Valerie Sinason
Rémy Aquarone and William Hughes