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Information Sheets

Child and Adolescent Dissociation   (Download )

DID & Parenting (Download )

Dissociative Disorders in Adults : Information for clinicians, service providers and Commissioners [revised 2015] (Download)

Use of medication (Download

Learning Resource Films for sale.

A Logical Way of Being – the reality of dissociative identity disorder & other complex dissociative conditions
is an introductory training film produced by Serious Media for First Person Plural in partnership with the UK Network of ESTD Members

No Two Paths the Same –  living and working therapeutically with dissociative identity disorder also produced by Serious Media
for First Person Plural in partnership with the UK Network of ESTD Members explores the phase-oriented treatment approach described in
Guidelines for Treating DID in Adults.

 Both films feature three psychotherapists with experience of treating DID and three people with  experience of living with DID.
No Two Paths the Same additionally includes a chapter presented by a partner of someone living with DID.
Both films are available as region-free DVDs in PAL format and as MP4 downloads.
A version of A Logical Way of Being is available which has subtitles in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish and English

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